Radius CoWork

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Radius CoWork is a rapidly up-and-coming coworking facility in Erie, Pennsylvania. Not only does Radius rent office space to freelancers, startups, and any other motivated people looking to get work done, but they also promote their renters and assist to bring in leads wherever they can. It is more than just a desk rental; Radius CoWork is a valuable networking connection that is revitalizing the city of Erie one cup of coffee at a time. 

Radius has gone through a re-brand once and a visual refresh twice. Its very first logo was made with the priority of having a visual identity while the startup got off the ground. Once Radius was established, its next priority was to take another look at the goals, voice, and logo. By this time, Radius’s owners had some time to get a feel for the community and the environment that a young, professional coworking space in Erie needed to set up its members for success.

Radius embodies a vibrant, edgy voice on social media. Tweets are relevant while always having a touch of light humor and it was important to the founders of Radius that the brand visually embrace that light-heartedness as well. Like any solid coworking space, Radius puts its members first with the focus on improving work life in a connected and welcoming environment. For these reasons, Radius CoWork builds from three main brand archetypes: Explorer, Creator, and Everyman.

Coworking provides a space and a community to startups, freelancers, and remote professionals. Members of a coworking community need facilities conducive to their business and style conducive to being pretty damn awesome. With our brand, we wanted to communicate that we have the amenities and the atmosphere new companies are looking for.
— Sean Fedorko, Cofounder of Radius CoWork

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