Logo and Brand

Branding is the conscious decision to produce a seamless, unified experience for consumers. It is the concurrent execution of company goals, products, impression, and interaction. Brand Identity is consistency and purpose; it is how an audience recognizes companies. A business's identity touches every piece of material it produces: packaging, documents, tweets, a verbal response to a customer - everything. 

Every company strives for recognition and loyalty. It is keenly important for startups and small businesses to build that community base and familiarity. It is also equally important for existing brands to revitalize complacent designs while retaining original brand integrity. 

Full-scale brand design requires the ability to see the big picture and the smallest details. In every brand design project, we work with the client to focus on communicating company goals and through a versatile visual identity. Quality brand design looks ahead and sets up companies for the future. We provide everything needed to sustain a strong brand identity: logo design, brand guidelines (see my example page), iconography, social media imagery, creative direction, web design, letterheads and document design, business cards, and more.