What I Do.

I am devoted to design and its harmony with clients, consumers, and coworkers. I built my career on a simple principle: solve problems with creative clarity. I apply my classical painting and fine arts background to my digital and print work to consistently produce effective solutions. I consider the purposeful intentions and unintended inclinations of clients, consumers, competitors, and coworkers. I resolve those matters to consistently produce effective solutions that satisfy objectives and to create experiences with stability and longevity.

My education at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) was focused on classical painting and graphic design. My experience there allowed me to become skilled across very different mediums. Much of my recent work is digital, but I continue to exercise my fine arts background throughout my work (most of which can be seen via Instagram or Twitter) and have found a congruous blend of canvas and screen. 

Who I am. 

I grew up with a fighter pilot father in the Navy. I moved around quickly and adapted even faster. I've always been a creator; since the moment I could lift a pen, I've drawn. I am fiercely driven and I won't leave anything half-completed. 

I enjoy SciFi, anime, comics, novels, and 70's music. Some of my favorites are Dune, the Hobbit + the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Inferno, Star Trek, and Stargate.

If you desire a soothing and strange podcast with dark hints of reality, I recommend Welcome to Night Vale. If you're in want of a witless humour – try out BBC Radio's Cabin Pressure

My preferred drink is whiskey or scotch - neat, though I'll happily settle for a martini. (Which is, of course, made with gin.)