BAWLS Guarana

Product Marketing & promotional graphics

BAWLS Guarana has some of the most entertaining projects. As an energy drink company that appeals to the video gamers and SciFi enthusiasts, the product imagery and graphics are always extremely creative and unique.

BAWLS Guarana utilizes the events happening within its fan-base: Star Wars film premieres, the Super Bowl, etc. When the new flavor, Orange, was released, it coincided with the arrival of the new can packaging. BAWLS's glass bottle is easily recognizable and iconic, so to introduce their newest product and package, we showed cans bursting out of a glass bottles. 

To achieve the desired look and digital marketing techniques, some photography was occasionally necessary. Heavy Photoshop skills were implemented to create believable and engaging graphics to captivate the target audience.


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[ All BAWLS Guarana collaborations were conducted through Epic Web Studios. ]